• Brownell Middle School

    Absence Procedures

    If your student will be absent from school or tardy, please call our 24 hour attendance line at (313)432-3901 before 9:00 a.m.  Please provide documentation whenever possible for the absence.


    Early Dismissal Procedures

    We ask that a parent/guardian call the 24 hour attendance line at (313) 432-3901 and leave a message as early as possible regarding an early dismissal. The office will email the classroom teacher, write the student’s name and dismissal time on the notice (dry erase) board, the student will proceed to their locker and then wait in the office for the parent to arrive. We ask parents to park in the Chalfonte visitor lot only and use the door buzzer by the main office when picking up their child early. We refrain from calling classrooms unless it’s an emergency in an effort to not disrupt learning.

    Additionally, just a reminder that our school policy is that cell phones and other electronic devices (not Chromebooks and/or technology learning devices) are OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT. If students need to be reached during the school day, please continue to contact our main office.


    Thank you for following theses procedures to ensure the safety of the students.