It's not WHAT kids read, it's THAT they read...

    Read 20 minutes a day with your child!



    Reading together with your child is one of the most important things you can do to help your child gain the skills and confidence as a reader.  For younger children, as your child gains sight words and letter knowledge, have them find and point out words or letters they know as you read.  For emerging readers, your 20 minutes of reading might consist of your child reading one or two predictable texts to you and you reading the remainder of the time from a read aloud.  As your child gains independence and confidence as a reader, have them take over more of the reading.  Another thing you can do when reading together is to have your child read a page and then you read a page.  This works well for children who are enthusiastic to read a book that is maybe beyond their independent level.  The turn-taking reading is a great scaffold to model intonation and tone in the text.  Now that my daughter is older, she'll read 20 minutes on her own then I'll read to her for 10-20 minutes.  She still enjoys being read to.  Children are never too old to be read aloud to! 



     If you're interested in reading more about the importance of reading 20 minutes a day, click the link below.  





    Put first things first:  Have your child read first before they play video games or go on kids YouTube!  


    Here is a link with ideas of how to fit 20 minutes of reading in when life gets busy.  :)


    Here's a fun bookmark that has a timer and light feature that can track minutes reading! Click here for bookmark