• Week of May 18, 2015
    igh as Long i 
    Lesson 24
    bright         fight
    flight           fright
    high            light
    might         night
    right            sign
    sight           sigh
    tight            delight
    design        four
    area            trouble
    Week of May 4, 2015
    Kind Old Words 
    Lesson 23
    blind         both
    child         cold
    find           gold
    hold          kind
    mind         most
    old            wild
    behind      rewind
    almost      thought
    brought    enough
    Week of
    Long A Words
    spray               tail
    main               paint
    sail                  pay
    plains              clay
    remain            contain
    details             explain
    retain               paper
    away                wait
    raised             afraid
    Week of
    OW & OU Diphthongs
    mound            town
    count               found
    house              pounds
    round               sound
    south               amount
    flowers            power
    around            compound
    thousands      our
    vowel               crowd
    Week of
    Week of
    Lesson 18
    R Family
    born                  corn
    form                  north
    horse                torn
    before               report
    important         northern
    correct               forest
    corner               order
    major                factor
    doctor               color
    Week of
    Lesson 17
    R Family
    arm                    chart
    dark                    far
    march               hard
    mark                  park
    stars                  yard
    army                  party
    garden              farmers
    started              dollar
    similar              particular
    Week of 
    Lesson  16
    answer               better
    desert                 ever
    letters                 matter
    pattern                summer
    interest              underline
    understand       determine
    government      covered
    interesting         separate
    world                  shoulder
    Week of
    Lesson 15
    R Family
    verb                terms
    after                center
    consider        members
    modern         never
    over                perhaps
    river                sister
    western         winter
    different         father
    period            because
    Week of January 26th
     Lesson 14
    Long e words
    beat               deal
    eat                  teacher
    increase       least
    leave              reached
    really             repeated
    reason          sea
    seat               speak
    stream          view
    would            shoes
    Week of January 19th
    Week of January 12th
     Lesson 13
    Open Syllables
    ago                  across
    along               alone
    arrived             students
    represent        silent
    moment          create
    even                 locate
    notice               amaze
    event                 equal
    total                   finally
    Week of January 5th
    Lesson 12
    Open syllables and Prefixes
    go                     she
    so                     we
    also                  belong
    became           beside
    describe          developed
    exactly              express
    provide            result
    relent               idea
    little                  yourself
    Week of December 8
    Lesson 10
    Magnetic Silent E
    rope                         rule
    safe                          save
    scale                        shape
    side                          size
    smile                        cube
    include                     tube
    waves                      wide
    wife                         someone
    clothes                     whose 
    Week of December 1
    Lesson 9
    Magnetic Silent e
    bones                    drive
    hole                       tone
    stone                     lake
    late                        life
    line                        mile
    mine                      plane
    place                     quite
    ride                       minutes
    divided                 sometimes 
    Week of November 17th
    Lesson 8
    Vowel Tag
    within                     visit
    travel                      suffix
    planets                    object
    level                        finished
    itself                        hundred
    himself                    cannot
    British                     children
    happened                 pretty
    woman                    women 
    Week of November 10th
    Lesson 7
    Complex Fronts
    fresh                 flat
    class                grass
    glass                crops
    cross                drop
    dress                swim
    step                   plan
    skin                   skim
    trip                     any
    anything           eye
    Week of November 3rd
    No Fastt Spelling this week
    Week of October 27th
    No Fastt Spelling this week
    Week of October 20th
    Tall King think words
    all               ball
    hall            call
    fall              wall
    shall          tall
    song         bank
    long          think
    chalk         talk
    walk          wrong
    among     length 
    Week of October 13th
    Lesson 5
    Vowel Suffix Power-The bully rule
    getting            betting
    sitting              sitter
    hotter              hottest
    fitting               fitted
    sunny             humming
    hummed        boxer
    bedding         mapping
    mapped         pushed
    pulled             into
    Week of October 6th
    Lesson 4
    Complex Ends and Suffixes
    wind               milk
    cost                 lost
    past                 rest
    test                  west
    soft                  fact
    act                   felt
    quickly            picked
    lifted               eggs
    buy                  want
    Week of September 29th
    Lesson 3
    Hungry Short Vowels
    will            well
    shell         fill
    ledge        bill
    check        edge
    wedge      hill
    match       rock
    off              sell
    chill           full
    add           watch
    Week of September 22
    Consonant teams
    thin          shop
    with          wish
    dish          fig
    cat            rag
    sap          that
    then         then
    them        this
    when       than
    *wash   *does
     Week of September15th
    Closed Syllables with Short Vowels
    bad     hat
    am      an
    ran      bit
    led      gas
    ten      six
    job      lot
    yes     yet
    *once   *only