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       Please review any websites before introducing them to your children. 
    core 5  

    Great Free Online Math Practice for all grades.

    Practice your math concepts playing the math games.  


    Lots of fun activities for first graders. 
    Teaching spelling and vocabulary is easy with Vocabulary Spelling City! Students can study and learn their word lists using vocabulary and spelling learning . Login- Student's Login  Username: ________ Password _______.
    Pick a word list in the green section on top of the page; complete listed activities before moving on to another list. Students work at their own pace. Have fun learning to spell!!!
     kids o  computer  Everyday Math Resources for First Graders
    The Center School District has adopted the Everyday Math Series for grades K-5. 
    This page is to help teachers with resources relating to Everyday Math.
    Bar graphs, addition word problems, counting coins, and more.



    Helps kids master basic math facts.


    An elementary school Math links for Grades K, 1, 2 3, 4, 5. First graders hit the 1st grade button and start playing interactive math games to help to develop and  strengthen  math concepts and skills.



    NWEA Map Interactive Activities by RIT. Hundreds of Math and Reading links to help prepare students for the Northwest Evaluation Association. (NWEA) 
    Students will have unlimited access to a digital library of fiction and nonfiction eBooks-in class or at home. 


    Students improve their reading skills by choosing books from the Online Leveled Reading Library.  Kids need to use their assigned username.


    Lots of math games to learn the basic concepts of fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions, and more...


    A free website to teach children to read. Perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade who are learning how to read. This site contains exciting interactive books and phonics games.


    Lots of  good stories for kids to listen and read along...

    Up to Ten

    With over A THOUSAND educational games and activities for children aged up to ten years old! A safe place to play and learn.