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    My Wonderful World



    This site includes geographic ideas and games for Parents, Educators and Kids and Teens.


    Geography trivia game



    Under “World Exploration” there are 3 levels of play; for a challenge, try the 6th through 8th grade level game.


    Interactive Map of USA



    For several of these interesting games, you must have Flash Player 5 on your computer


    Jeopardy With Geography



    This is a one or two person game, with categories of South America, Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.  The computer keeps track of monetary scores.  The difficulty is that answers must be typed in and spelled correctly.


    More Good Geography Games




    Choose a map (U. S. or World); choose a region, and then a category from the National Geography Standards.  After deciding on a difficulty level, participants get up to 5 multiple choice questions, with 3 chances to answer correctly. Additional info is given, underlined words are defined, and scores are kept on the Trekometer.