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    SNACKS: Children may bring a healthy snack each day. No sharing will be allowed. Snack time will be right after recess each day.

    CONDUCT CARDS will be sent home every Friday attached to the newsletter. Please review them with your child. Children earning all "excellent" or "good" marks will receive a free choice period on Friday afternoon. Any child receiving a "needs improvement" will not receive free choice.

    BIRTHDAY TREATS/BOOKS: Please send a note if you are sending a treat so I can plan time for your child’s celebration. They may also bring a book to read aloud to the class that day.

    BOOK ORDERS: Will be sent home monthly. Please return one check made payable to Scholastic for the order. NO CASH PLEASE.

    MORNING ENTRANCE: The children should line up on the blacktop with our class and should not be escorted by parents under normal circumstances.

    VOLUNTEERS:  All volunteers need to check-in at the office and get a visitors badge prior to coming to the classroom.

    GOING HOME FOR LUNCH:  The policy is that each day your child goes home for lunch they should bring a note to indicate this.  Please be sure your child is returned to the building by 12:26.