Popular Books


    Readers Improve

    When Given Choice  


    By matching children with the books they love we allow them to practice reading and feel motivated to read.


    What if the book my child likes seems too difficult?

    • Reading the book together and taking turns. 
    • Allowing the child to still read the book, but also to read good fit books as well.
    • Asking Mrs. Roy or the child's classroom teacher to help suggest books that are similar but may be a better fit.
    • Don't forget to read to your child (yes, even older ones) you boost their comprehension and vocabulary!


    What if the books my child likes seem too easy?

    • Rereading books is a great skill builder.  Students build stamina and fluency as they reread
    • Students still build skills when they read books they can move through quickly


    What is Popular with Students Right Now?

    Early Readers

    • Fly Guy
    • Biscuit
    • National Geographic for Kids Levels 1 and 2
    • Pete the Cat
    • Scholastic Acorn Books
    • Elephant and Piggie
    • Mercy Watson


    Beginning Chapter Books

    • Scholastic Branch Books-  Press Start Series
    • Ivy and Bean
    • Owl Diaries
    • BabyMouse
    • Horrible Harry


    Chapter Books and Graphic Novels

    • Dogman
    • Wings of Fire
    • Warriors
    • Captain Underpants
    • Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys 
    • Babysitters Club (Classic Style or Graphic Novel)
    • Garfield Comic Book Collections
    • Bad Guys
    • Big Nate
    • Lunch Lady
    • Dragon Breath
    • Bad Kitty
    • Ghosthunters
    • Goosebumps
    • I Survived....
    • Who Was.... (biographies)
    • InkHeart