Google Classroom

  • OK, this is going to be a tough one… I’m asking your student to logon to our Google Classroom (GC) at home for the first time.  Logging into GC for the first time at home can be frustrating to the students and their parents. Many of the students have assured me that they are already in, but here are the directions…

    Directions (that I think work the best):

      1. Open the Monteith Website
      2. Click on the Google Accounts Icon above the Short Cuts
      3. Log into Google School account: and the student password (they should know this one) or it’s in their planner.
      4. Go back to the Monteith Website
      5. Click on the Classroom Icon
      6. This should have worked, but if not, it is usually because someone else is already logged into Google at your home