• Our History
    mason occ. 1929

         Stevens T. Mason Elementary school opened in February of 1929. Named in honor of the first official governor of the state of  Michigan, Mason Elementary housed ninety-nine students and six teachers. Dr. Samuel Brown was the  Superintendent of Schools and Mrs. Ethel Tucker was principal.  The surrounding community was then called Lochmoor Village and was made up of the Vanderbush, Vernier, Michaux, Beaufait and Bakeman farms. 

         As one of the school's first teachers recalls: "In 1929 I felt I was teaching out in the country for there were no sidewalks from the bus to the school and as I walked down the roadway I would have to give way to a cow.  It was necessary to carry a lunch as there were no eating places in Lochmoor Village.  On PTA nights when we felt it was too far to go home and back we shopped for groceries in the morning, brought them to school and then after school, cooked our dinner."
        An addition was placed on the school in 1942 and enrollment swelled to 970 students in 1951.  Until Poupard and Monteith schools were opened Mason School had bussing, half-day sessions, sent portions of pupil populations to other school and used its library as two classrooms.  
    mason 1929
    library 1935
    Our Mission Statement
    "The Staff at Mason School, in cooperation with the school community, will value each child's self-worth, unique abilities and talents,, and accept the mission to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors which enable our children to flourish in a competitive and dynamic society."