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School Traffic Drop Off & Pick Up Information

Parcells Traffic Drop Off and Pick Up: We wish to remind all parents about drop-off and pick-up traffic rules in front of the school on Mack Avenue and also in the back of the school off Sunningdale.  First and Foremost, Please remember to be patient and courteous. 

        ·       Mack Avenue

o   Please do not turn into the lot from the middle lane of Mack Avenue to avoid waiting in the long line. This is illegal. 


o   Please do not fly past everyone waiting in line on the right curb, only to stop abruptly on the left to allow your child to run in front of other cars to get into the school. 


o   Do not cut in front of all cars waiting in line and squeeze in at the curb in between other cars.


o   Do not stop on Mack Ave to drop your child off.


o   Do not pull into the library lot to drop your child off and allow them to run across the lane in front of moving vehicles.


o   No parking in the driving lanes to enter the school

    ·       Sunningdale

o   The "No Left Turn" (northbound Sunningdale) and the "Right Lane Turn Only" (southbound Sunningdale) signs are enforceable, meaning all drivers must obey the signs


o   Do not pull into the parking lot to cut through a lane, cutting through the lot and having your children cross two lanes of traffic to enter the school


o   Children should be ready to exit vehicles on the passenger side only as soon as cars pull to the unloading zone.  If people are not quick, the line often extends past Mason on Vernier. 


o   The unloading zone extends from the powerhouse area to the loading dock curbs, leaving a wide area for traffic to pull further ahead to drop off and move quickly around the perimeter of the lot alleviating backups.             


o   Parking in the lot in order to drop off and pick up your student is NOT allowed.


Thank you for your cooperation in observing these rules and keeping our students safe.


Mr. Milch