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GPPSS reconfiguration for fall of 2020-21

At their regular meeting, June 24th, the Board of Education voted on reconfiguration. This is the culmination of a year-long process that included:

  • June 2018 Resolutionthat passed unanimously on what triggers would start a reconfiguration process
  • Enrollment data November 2018 confirming enrollment triggers had been met
  • A presentation to the board in January of 2019 that outlined 7 scenarios to start the reconfiguration conversation, and the recommendation to reconvene the Blue Ribbon Committee
  • 6 Blue Ribbon meetings- all materials posted online
  • League of Women Voters public forum
  • 15 Town Hallsattended by 1,196 community members
  • 4 Listening Sessions conducted by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights
  • A 6 yes: 1 no vote to implement K-4, 5-8 grade configuration in the fall of 2020-21 addressing middle school capacity and educational goals, while allowing more space for preschool programming expansion at the elementary schools
  • A 5 yes: 2 no vote to merge Poupard School with Mason and Monteith elementary schools in the northern end of the district, and Trombly School with Defer Elementary School in the southern end of the district, in the fall of 2020-21

Information on school assignments by address will be coming out shortly, as will opportunities for parent, staff and student participation on committees that will ensure a smooth transition. Thank you for the tremendous participation to date. This process has been difficult because our community loves its schools. This solution allows the district to focus limited funding on the programs and people that make The Grosse Pointe Public School System one of the best public school districts in the nation. Together, we will continue to work toward Our Mission: Promote Innovation → Maximize Potential → Embrace Community.