To add information:

    additionally another for example likewise
    again as well for instance moreover
    along with besides further next
    also equally important furthermore together with
    and finally in addition

    To show location:

    above away from by on top of
    across back of down outside
    against behind in front of over
    along below inside throughout
    alongside beneath into to the right
    amid beside near under
    among between off
    around beyond onto

    To show time:

    about finally next third
    after first next week till
    afterward in the meantime second today
    as soon as later soon until
    at meanwhile then yesterday

    To contrast:

    although counter to in the meantime otherwise
    as opposed even so nevertheless still
    but even though on the contrary yet
    conversely however on the other hand

    To compare:

    also in the same way likewise
    as like similarly

    To clarify:

    for instance put another way that is
    in other words stated differently to clarify

    To emphasize a point:

    again indeed to emphasize truly
    for this reason in fact to repeat with this in mind

    To conclude or summarize:

    accordingly consequently in conclusion therefore
    all in all due to in short thus
    as a result finally in summary to sum up

    A Guide to Communication: The Grosse Pointe Public Schools Style Sheet
    © The Grosse Pointe Public School System, 2000