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    The Grosse Pointe Schools gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the following staff members toward publication of this document:

      Charity Dorgan (support staff), Brownell
      Marge Dorman (support staff), South
      Paula Jarvis, Community Education
      Andy Montague (teacher), North
      NCA Writing Committee, Brownell
      Scott Roberts (Librarian), South
      Kathy Roberts, Administration
      Jack Shanle (teacher), South
      Elizabeth Soby (teacher), North

    The Vertical Team of the English Language Arts Committee

    Duane Ashley (parent)
    Jackie Cocquyt (teacher), South
    Peggy Ptasznik (teacher), South
    Bob Reimer (teacher), North
    Kathy Kelly-Sexton (teacher), Brownell
    Kathy Fisk (teacher), Poupard
    Nancy Swartz (teacher), Richard
    Anne Flanagan (teacher), Richard
    Christine Kaiser, Language Arts Curriculum Specialist

    A Guide to Communication:The Grosse Pointe Public Schools Style Sheet
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