• Educational Programs Leadership Council

    The council is a collaborative decision-making group of teachers, parents, administrators, and students of the Grosse Pointe district.  

    Formed in 1986 by representatives of the school community, the Council has been charged with the responsibility of serving as an informed advocate for educational excellence.

    Periodically, the EPLC sponsors a public forum to gather and share information about curriculum and instruction with parents and community

    Procedures for Public Forum Meetings

    If you wish to speak, you must fill out a forum card, which is available at a table in the front of the room.  The card asks for your name, address, phone number, and the topic on which you wish to address the assessment committee.  

    Completed forms are given to the forum chair just before the start of the meeting.  No other public comments are taken.  Forum cards include a section in which you can list resources, references, and other information which may be useful to the assessment committee.

    Time Limit 

    You are asked to limit your remarks to three minutes so as many people as possible will have a chance to speak.


    Before presenting a complaint to the committee, you should have made every attempt to resolve the problem with the classroom teacher or the building principal.

    Complaints about specific instructional material should be directed first to the teacher, then the principal, appropriate central office personnel, and finally, the superintendent. 

    Complaints about policies, curriculum, and facilities, and/or services should be directed to the superintendent through the deputy superintendent.


    Observing the three-minute time limit helps ensure that everyone who wishes to do so will have the opportunity to speak.Hearsay, rumor, and emotional display will not be allowed. Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order.
    These regulations have been put into place to ensure that the business of the forum is conducted in a proper and orderly manner.  We appreciate your cooperation.

    Mission Statement

    Promote Innovation . Maximize Potential . Embrace Community