• If you applied to the NJHS recently, you will receive an acceptance or denial letter

    on Monday, September 30th, 2019.

    If you are denied, don't give up!

    Keep up that GPA, earn all 1's and 2's, participate in activities, volunteer, and seek out leadership opportunities.

    We invite new members in February, too!

    Then, we have a March induction ceremony. Email Ms. Butler (butlerr@gpschools.org) with questions. 

    If you applied and do NOT receive a letter at all, contact Ms. Butler ASAP.

    NJHS Service Information

    for information about joining the Parcells NJHS and how to be a member in good standing.

    Please click here for the new community service form.

    What counts for "inside-school" service and what counts for "outside-school" service?

    Click here to find out!


    NJHS members will be able to access links and all other important information in their NJHS Schoology course. If you're not enrolled, please tell Ms. Butler immediately.