• What is Professional Development?

    New knowledge in any discipline requires sustained learning opportunities for staff members. Professional development offers on-going training opportunities for teachers, administrators and non-instructional staff. Teachers and administrators need to continually update their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Student learning is directly related to teacher learning.

    The focus of the Professional Development workshops for the past six years has been the three, board-established priorities: Differentiation, Content Area Expertise, and Technology and Its Integration into the Classroom.

    Professional development workshops are offered throughout the year.  In addition, the Professional Development library contains a wide variety of books, videos and audiotapes. The Professional Development Manual is also part of this website. The manual details how to receive salary credit and/or new teacher credit.


    The Office of Professional Development is a member of the National Professional Development Council. The NSDC provides monthly materials, news and information regarding professional development issues including cutting edge strategies, 'how-to' models, success stories, new technologies, networking, and interactive workshops. To find out more about the NSDC visit its website at http://www.nsdc.org (This site will open in a new window.)