Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, and Technology

  • Maureen Bur
    Director of PreK-Elementary Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction and Technology
    Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    The Grosse Pointe Public School System provides a challenging and variedcurriculum that prepares students for further study and for the world of work.The instructional expectations meet and exceed those of the state and nationalstandards. Teachers are supported in their instructional responsibilities byprofessional development, high quality instructional materials, and assessmentinformation about student needs and program improvement by the Department ofCurriculum, Assessment, and Instruction. In addition, the Department overseestechnology and information services so that these areas are well integratedwith the district's core mission - student learning.

    A Proven Record of Success
    General Statistics about Our Schools
    · 98% of students graduate district-wide
    · Students are accepted at over 160 colleges, university and military academy programs
    · North and South High Schools are recognized as Top U.S. High Schools in Newsweek
    · Over $1.2 million in Michigan Merit Scholarships are awarded yearly
    · National Merit Scholars and Commended Students, Advanced Placement Scholars
    are recognized each year
    · GPPSS is fully accredited by North Central Association and the State of Michigan’s Ed
    · State, national and presidential citations for academic excellence are awarded yearly
    · Standards are continually raised to keep students competitive at a national level

    Programs That Make A Difference

    Learning Options to Support Success
    · A continuum of services K-12 includes elementary reading support, learning resource
    rooms, academic assistance and other targeted supports to assist students
    · Community High School, a non-traditional approach to learning and school success
    · Barnes Early Childhood Center, featured on national television for outstanding preschool
    · Outstanding program and staff recognition by Michigan Council for Exceptional Children
    Advanced Placement
    · A majority of students enroll in at least one of the 20 advanced placement courses to earn
    college credit, and Grosse Pointe South has the highest AP ranking in Michigan
    · Option for dual enrollment in courses at local universities provide students college credit
    · Rigorous middle school honors classes in language arts and mathematics prepare for
    high school AP
    · Magnet classes and advanced instruction for gifted students in grades 2-5 extend learning
    Foreign Language Programs
    · Foreign language study begins in elementary school with Spanish instruction. By the time
    students are in high school they can select from six languages, including Chinese which
    was introduced in 2008.
    · Students are invited to Spanish, French, German, Latin and Italian language honors
    · Top awards in state and national competitions and examinations are received annually.
    Special education and other learning options to support success
    · Eligible students from birth through 25 years of age identified as disabled receive services
    or instruction at home, in school or in the community.
    · Programs and staff continue to receive state awards and recognition.
    Personalized Guidance and Counseling Services
    · Student-generated Educational Development Plan help guide high school course selection
    and build a foundation for career and college decisions.

    Challenging Independent Study
    · Summer programs and mentoring in areas of interest.

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