• Dear Monteith Parents,

    The physical education program at Monteith Elementary encourages students to think about physical activity as a source of enjoyable and rewarding experiences both during their school years and throughout their lives. The curriculum and activities are designed to instill within students a desire to be active for life.

    The four areas of instruction are:

    1. Fitness: fitness actvities are designed to help students understand and value the contribution they make to a healthy lifestyle.
    2. Gross Motor: hand/eye, foot/eye coordination and fundametal motor skills ie. leaping, skipping, running, jumping, sliding, walking.
    3. Cognitive: students are provided with experiences that will encourage them to question, integrate, analyze, communicate, strategize, and problem solve, thus making physical education a part of their total educational experience.
    4. Personal/Social: to appreciate the relationships with others that results from participation in physical activities.

    The conventional sports such as soccer, volleyball, badminton, hockey, basketball, tumbling, and baseball continue to be an important part of the curriculum. However, competition is not considered paramount. With so many children and so many differences in ability, it is my goal and my challenge, to provide competition without intimidation.

    Students at Monteith will attend physical education once every four days for 45 minutes. To ensure that your child enjoys safe participation in physical education classes, it is a district-wide policy that students wear gym shoes. Below is a copy of the schedule for you to use so that you know which days your child has physical education. After you have identified which day your child has physical education ("a", "b", "c", or "d'), then check the Monteith calendar for the coinciding day of the week.  Your child will have class on a different day every week and physical education twice one week of the month! 


    Special Classes - P.E. 

    Day A                                Blue

    Day B                                  Yellow

    Day C                           Green

    Day D                                 Red

    Hadgikosti 3rd Grade Pelyak 3rd Grade Smith 3rd Grade Arwady 3rd Grade
    Trefney 1st Grade Wang 1st Grade Fellows 1st Grade Porada 1st Grade
    Liagre 2nd Grade DiVirgil KDG Richards AM KDG Lombard 2nd Grade
    Booker 2nd Grade AI Release
    Adaptive AI Class
    Richards PM KDG Drobnich 2nd Grade
    Randazzo 4th Grade Koczara 4th Grade Livingston 4th Grade Fisher 4th Grade
    Wilson 5th Grade Schrage 5th Grade Kellogg 5th Grade Rheaume 5th Grade