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Artsonia for Monteith: School Code JNPR-HRSM

  • All students need an Artsonia Account this year. If you already have an account for a student, you are all set. If you are new to Artsonia Miss Zoufal will create your student account, but parents need to use the "training directions" link for parents to create an account. This link will also show you how to log into the parent account to approve comments and add fans to your student's account.

    For students: We will be turning in all assignments by taking a photograph and uploading it to our Artsonia portfolios. This is a great way to share our Art with friends, family, and the community. There is a training video for students on how to log into their accounts via a web browser, how to use the app (if you download it to a device), logging into the student account using the school code, view assignments (same as in Schoology), take a photograph, and upload it to Artsonia.


    Watch: Artsonia Information for students and parents

    Watch: Artsonia STUDENT training Video

    Read: Artsonia Parent Login, Information, and Training