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    Date: May 4, 2016 at 5:57:24 PM EDT
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    Subject: Re: FW: GPPSS - High School Lunch - Closed Campus or Not?


    Dr Neihaus has communicated to the board via email repeatedly that no decision has been made.  

    This was a recommendation from the professional security firm that this board hired to do a security assessment of our schools.  

    It would be an error on administrations part not to explore and discuss the recommendation. Which is what the superintendant did. He met with Norths Parent club, he met with Souths Mothers club(which your email suggests has a higher priority or is more important the Norths parent club) he met with student leaders at both schools and both student newspapers

    No recommendation has been made to the Board of Education by administration, and no vote has taken place nor has any resolution been written to out on a board agenda.

    Once again this has been communicated to us as recently as Sumday evening and then again on Monday via the email questions you sent to Dr Neihaus

    I hope reviewing the correct information once again helps clarify things further

    This is not an issue for the May 9th townhall. As stated previously that is a continuation of the townhalls that were held earlier this year to review the strategic plan and explore the need of a referendum


    Judy Gafa