Information for Incoming Freshmen / Band Audition Information

    Auditions for the 2020-21 school year will take place during the week of March 16-20 (see forms and details below).

    Welcome to the South High School Band program!
    We are excited to have you join us next school year... my name is Mr. Takis, the director of bands at South, and I'd like to give you an introduction to everything you have a chance to get involved in as a student at South High School.

    First, we have three curricular ensembles that meet during the school day:
    • CONCERT BAND... this ensemble meets 6th hour and is comprised of intermediate musicians, and is the ensemble most freshmen belong to. There is no audition process into Concert Band... the only prerequisite is that you must have been an 8th grade band member at the middle school you attended or are approved by the director. This is a high achieving group that regularly achieves first and second division ratings at MSBOA District Festival.
    • SYMPHONY BAND... this ensemble meets 4th hour and is the middle ensemble at South High School. An audition is required for membership. This is also a high achieving group that regularly achieves first division ratings at MSBOA District Festival.
    • WIND ENSEMBLE... this ensemble meets 5th hour and is the most advanced performing band at South High School. Wind Ensemble requires an audition for membership, and regularly receives first division ratings at MSBOA Festival.
    We also have some extra-curricular ensembles:
    • MARCHING BAND... the marching band meets outside the school day. We have a week-long band camp in August and weekly evening rehearsals until the end of the football season. The marching band performs at every home football game, select away games, and two parades; it is not a required group. To be eligible, you must be a current band or orchestra member (unless you are a member of the color guard).
    • JAZZ BAND... the jazz band meets every Monday evening and every Thursday after school. It is limited to the following instruments: saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass (electric or upright) and drumset. You must audition to be a member.

    All incoming freshmen are automatically placed into Concert Band. However, if a student believes his or her level of musicianship is beyond the typical level of an incoming freshman, they have the option to audition for Symphony Band. Auditions take place every April. If you are interested, I would love to hear you play!
    For auditions, students will have to do the following:
    • Choose one major scale from Column A on the Audition Scale Sheet. This scale should be played slowly in half notes, ascending only, with vibrato if appropriate to do so.
    • Choose two major scales from Column B on the Audition Scale Sheet. These scales should played in the rhythm indicated.
    • Play the chromatic scale in Column C on the Audition Scale Sheet. These should played in an even eighth note pattern up and down.
    NOTE: the scales are listed in WRITTEN pitch, not concert pitch. The note listed in each column is the note the scale will start on for each specific instrument. If you choose the D-flat scale, you will start on D-flat as it is fingered on your instrument.
    • Play the ADVANCED etude from the audition packet you are given for the instrument you are auditioning on. These will be distributed by your middle school band director.
    In total, students need to play two major scales, one chromatic scale, one more major scale slowly in half notes, and the etude.
    • PERCUSSION: the guidelines are slightly different. In addition to doing the scales above, percussionists must demonstrate the ability to tune three notes on the timpani. All percussionists must play the snare drum AND the mallet etude. Please see the front page of the AUDITION INFO SHEET below for more information.

    AUDITION MATERIALS (click to download):

    This packet is for students to keep and use as reference:

    The "audition form" and "audition rubric" should be returned to Mr. Takis at your audition, filled out where requested.

    Please do not hesitate to email Mr. Takis with any questions you may have!

    To read more about the different performing ensembles at South High School, click HERE.