Homebound Instruction

  • Michigan Department of Education 2017
    Homebound and Hospitalized Services for Michigan Public School Pupils

    Providing Homebound and Hospitalized Educational Services for Michigan Public School Pupils

    Purpose of Homebound and Hospitalized Service
    Homebound and hospitalized services provide continuity of educational services for
    pupils with medical conditions that prevent them from physically attending school
    during the school year. The pupil’s inability to attend school due to a medical
    condition must be certified by the pupil’s licensed attending physician.
    Homebound and hospitalized services are designed to be a self-study program that
    allows pupils to maintain their coursework and studies while they are unable to
    attend school. These services allow the classroom teacher to work through the
    homebound and hospitalized teacher to help distribute course materials, deliver
    instruction, and monitor pupil progress in the course.


    Please contact your building principal, school counselor, or Student Services department for further information on Homebound Services.  

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