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    From: Ahmed Ismail [ahmed@portraitplacegpw.com]

    Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 3:19 PM

    To: 'Judy Gafa'

    Cc: Dean, Jon; Fenton, Christian; Roeske, Daniel (GPPSS); Summerfield, Brian (GPPSS); 'Weertz, Margaret'; 'Valente, Lois (GPPSS)'; 'Pangborn, Cindy'; Bur, Maureen; Hamka, Moussa; Murray, Kate

    Subject: National Honor Society--Deserving the Accolades and an Equal Standard for Both High Schools


    Judy et al,


    Please don't misconstrue my concern that the standards of admission be the same to in any way suggest that any of our students don't deserve the accolades that come with any achievement milestone they may have including induction into The National Honor Society.


    As I stated in my previous email, my concern is that the requirements for admission be objective and equal at both high schools.  If there is any difference between their admission requirements, it needs to be eliminated.


    As I stated before, there was quite a disparity between the two back in 2004 and there was quite a bit of subjectiveness on the part of the review committees which was to have been eliminated.  I just want to make sure that every one of our high school students is being held to the same standard of admission and there is no ambiguity as to what those standards are.


    Thank you,




    From: Judy Gafa [mailto:gafaj@gpschools.com]

    Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 12:28 PM

    To: School Board

    Cc: Fenton, Christian; Fannon, Rebecca; cindypangborn@gmail.com; Lois Valente (valentl@gpschools.com); 'Daniel Roeske' (roesked@gpschools.com) (roesked@gpschools.com); summerb@gpschools.com; Ahmed Ismail (ahmed.ismail@comcast.net); weertzm@aol.com

    Subject: Re: FW: National Honors Society Follow Up Information


    Thank you for the follow up, I was concerned that it might of looked as if North students did not deserve these accolades. These students work hard academically and also have leadership roles as well as volunteer within the community to meet this well deserved distinction.

    As a board, and as a district we should be proud that so many of our students meet the criteria to be recognized as NHS members, and continue to work hard once accepted to maintain their status.


    Judy Gafa