Task Definition 
    What is the assignment? 
    • What is the essential question? 
    • Develop your thesis statement (Pre-research / Post-research)
       Ask your teacher if you are on the right track. 
    • Brainstorm keywords and think about what databases may work best
    For More information: 
    – Deep Web Search: http://clusty.com can help you narrow your topic 
    – Searching tutorial: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/545/01/ 
    – Thesis builder: http://www.tommarch.com/electraguide/ 
    Information Seeking Strategies 
    • What are the best sources of information for my project? 
    - Go to Mrs. McGuire's favorite database page.  Do you remember her favorites?  (Ask her!  She has candy.) 
    • How will I know if the sources are accurate and authoritative?
    - If you use the databases, you can sleep soundly at night.  PLUS the citation is included.  HOORAY! 
    Location and Access 
    • Where will I find the best sources? 
    – Go the school's library page to access databases and OPAC
    • How will I access the sources?  Remember, the databases are password protected because they are wonderful & expensive. 
    Use of Information 
    • How will I gather and record the information for my project?
    - Use Evernote?  Noodlebib?  Cut & Paste into a Google Doc? 
    • How will I give credit to my sources?
    - Remember, the databases will provide a citation but it's a computer.  It's your responsibility to double check.  Easybib?  OWL?
    • What product or performance will I create to finish 
    the assignment? 
    • How will I give credit to my sources in my final 
    • More information 
    – Project contract: 
    • Student Project Contract 
    – Citation machine: http://citationmachine.net/ 
    • How will I self-assess my final project before 
    handing it in?