Grade 2 – The Local Community

  • In second  grade,  students  continue  an  integrative  approach  to  social  studies  through  the  context  of  the  local community.   This  is  the  first time  students are introduced to  a social  environment  larger than their  immediate surroundings. They  draw  upon  knowledge  learned  in  previous  grades  to  further develop  more  sophisticated understandings  as they  explore  the  social  studies  disciplines of civics and government, geography, economics and history.

    Instruction is based on Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and teachers use an inquiry approach to help children develop an understanding of their local community.  Instructional support resources include a student text, People and Places(Scott Foresman, 2008), a binder of activities, a variety of related trade books, leveled readers, and Smart Board activities.