GPPSS Art Curriculum

  • The K-12 Art Curriculum Committee in alignment with the District Strategic Plan identified the following  Guiding Principles that are the foundation of each art course within the district:


    • Embracing the ideas of others

    • Being open-minded

    • Using multiple instructional approaches to meet the needs of all students

    • 21st Century learning (best practices)

    • Being progressive -leading not reacting

    • Being aware of the world’s people

    • Maintaining a “growth” mindset

    • Continually striving to improve/achieve at a higher level


    Diversity is an essential component in art and design education.  Within our curriculum and practice, we strive to include the wealth of historic and contemporary peoples and cultures who make art, including the diverse student body in our classrooms.  Race, national origin, cultural heritage, gender, disability, age, and the variety of viewpoints present in the culture of our day are included, respected, and presented in a balanced and thoughtful manner.