**2.0 TOOLS**  
     Image, video, musics sites for projects.  

    Fun Content

    YouTube Time Machine (YTTM) – 1860 to 2013 (music, movies, commercials, current events…)

    Crash Course YouTube Channel (HS contentl)  - Green brothers rock out World History, Literature, Bio, Chem (AMAZING!)

    Horrible Histories YouTube Channel - terribly goofy historical vignettes, grades 6-12

    Shmoop - Great content resource. (Cool!  Kinda of like Cliff Notes on Bio, Algebra, Literature, US History)

    BrainPopJr. K-3 Free vetted games divided: science, health, reading, math & social studies

    BrainPop Free games divided into Science, Math, Social Studies and Health (levels vary greatly) 
    2 Great Rubric Sites   Digitales     Rubistar
    Samples of 2.0 Tools in action:
    Use of GoAnimate from Wheaton
    Fakebook Example
    Fake Twitter Sample
    PhotoStory Sample