• Guidelines for Components of Curriculum and Instruction Studies 

    Mission and Philosophy


    In this area, the committee sets out its purpose and core beliefs that guided the development of the curriculum and instruction plan.


    Units, Core Topics, Concepts, and Key Generalizations


    This is the framework for the curriculum. It should be aligned with Common Core and  with best practice recommendations from national professional groups within the area of study.


    Common Core Standards, Benchmarks, and Assessments


    Common Core standards include both what students should know and be able to do (content standards) and indications of the nature and quality of the student  performance that will be deemed acceptable (performance standards). Benchmarks are statements of expected knowledge and anticipated skill at various developmental levels.

    Assessments may be recommended and/or required but should be clearly aligned the Common Core standards.


    Possible Resources, Including Integration of Technology


    Resources should reflect those needed for a range of learning readiness as well as for varied learning styles, modalities and interests. 

    The committee must complete a careful survey of available technology and technological resources that will enhance instruction. These should be fully integrated into the curriculum with recommendations for instructional methods.




    Differentiation is a component of all curricula in our district and the final report should reflect meeting individual student needs as an important priority.

    Content, strategies, resources, and assessments should all have differentiated instruction integrated within them and sample differentiated units are a useful addition.


    Professional Development Needs


    The focus on this section is on the educational opportunities that will be needed by teachers in order to implement the recommended curriculum and instructional strategies.




    Other elements may be added at the discretion of the committee.