Mrs. Taryn Loughlin
    Email:- loughlt@gpschools.org
    Phone:-  313-432-5379
    Please check this website for academic updates and course information. Grades are entered through the Pinnacle gradebook, and I am available before/after school for additional assistance. My goal is to help you find success in your English class.
    Supplies for Humanities, Power of Language and Honors Freshman English
    -Binder solely for this class
    -Filler paper for in class writing assignments
    -Black and blue pens
    If you have been notified by administration that you currently have an attendance-R in one of my classes, it is your responsibility to meet with me and get the assignments for the portfolio that will need to be handed in two weeks prior to your scheduled exam. Please note, the teacher will not approach you about missing work.
    Students with planned absences are expected to see me beforehand.   A missing assignment is due on the day of your return.  If you did not get the assignment, it will be due one day after you have received it.  
    College Recommendation Letters
    Please click on the document and get all your materials ready. Once you are ready for me to write the recommendation and have everything set up in Naviance, make sure I get your typed responses.  
    Turn it in Information:
    Please use the following information to access turnitin.com.  Below are the class ID numbers and the enrollment passwords.  Please make sure that you register for your class only.
    Class Name                                                 Enrollment ID               Enrollment Password
    Honors Freshman English 1st Hour                     16260562                           HFE1
    Honors Freshman English 2nd Hour                    16260572                           HFE2
    Humanties 3rd Hour                                          16369989                           HUM3 
    Humanities 4th Hour                                         16370004                           HUM4
    Power of Language 7th Hour                              16370025                            POL7 
    Please click here for the MLA Citation Guide guide.